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Types of Jobs

As for career planning, employment for commercial divers can be found in a variety of industries including shipping, oil, power and construction companies and in settings like drilling rigs, oil refineries, power plants, bridges, and more.

After graduation from commercial diving school, some of the specific jobs that commercial divers may perform include:

  • Bridge inspection, construction and repair

  • Flotation devices maintenance

  • Gravity surveying

  • Grouting

  • Guideline replacement

  • Hyperbaric chamber operations

  • Injection equipment installation

  • Life-support systems construction, operation, repair and maintenance

  • Marine environment control check

  • Medical and emergency care for diving illnesses and accidents

  • Operation of remotely operated vehicles (ROV)

  • Operation of diving bells

  • Platform construction, inspection, maintenance and removal

  • Rock drilling and blasting

  • Underwater Salvage

  • Search and recovery

  • Seismic surveying

  • Sewage line installation and maintenance

  • Site surveys prior to installation

  • Submersible operations

  • Surface geological appraisal

  • Trenching or underwater jetting

  • Underwater inspection, installation, repair or maintenance

  • Underwater painting

  • Underwater photography or videography

  • Underwater surveys

  • Underwater welding and cutting

  • Water line installation, inspection, repair or maintenance

  • Wellhead repair and maintenance