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Rubies that originate from Africa, particularly Mozambique and Kenya, generally give off a purplish or dark red color. Although the stones range in quality and size, it is important to emphasize that the dark red African rubies are preferred. Burma is another noteworthy source for rubies. ‘Burmese rubies’ is a term often heard in the world of gemstones. Burma, now Myanmar, produces rubies that are known for their deep red color. Thai rubies are considered second to Burmese rubies. These gemstones have a darker hue due to the presence of iron and chromium. Rubies that hail from Tanzania are said to have a color similar to the red coloring of a hessonite stone. Madagascar is yet another, and rather recent, contender in the ruby market. Depending on the mining region, Madagascar rubies can have a red, or red-orange hue. Lastly, rubies have been mined in Afghanistan for centuries. These stones range from light to deep red, and can be like no others on the planet.

Yellow Sapphire

Green Sapphire

 Pink Ruby

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